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Western look Pole Barn, Stalls, Dividers, Rustic style custom made pole barns, High End Row Barns, Horse Barns, Loafing sheds

vintage look cabin made out of solid reclaimed 4 x 4 cedar wood, 2 x 6 framing, solid wood interior siding and 2 x 6 x 10 solid wood plank floors.

Small Rustic Cabin, Vintage Western Style, wood and metal

Alpaca Shed made out of solid wood and 

Metal roofing, with custom made doors and sign.

Western look Pole Barn, Rustic style Pole Barns, Aisle Barn, Custom made Pole Barns, barns
Cobble wood floor, Barn wooden floor, solid wood barn floor,
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Western Look Barn with Vintage Steel Trusses, solid Wood Sliding Dutch Doors.

Western look custom made pole barns, Rustic style barns, Horse Barns, Customized barns, high end pole barn
Custom made Pole Barns, Western Style Barn, Loafing shed, Rustic Barn, Row Barns, Customized for you barns

Western Look Barn with 10 x 10 Hand Peeled Wood Poles. Custom hand made wood Locks for the Horse Stalls.

Custom made Stone Storage Shed with Wood Dutch Style Door and two windows.

Western look Pole Barn, Rustic Pole Barn, Aisle Barn, High End Barns, Antique style Bans

Horse Stalls. Solid Wood Dutch Doors with Metal Hardware or hand made solid wood locks.

Western Look Horse Barn with stalls and Rustic style metal walls.

Custom Made Western Style Tack Room with Dutch Door and Window.

Vintage western style small cabin, metal and wood construction

Western Look Loafing Shed and Barns with custom made solid wood Dutch Doors

vintage look cabin made out of solid reclaimed 4 x 4 cedar wood, 2 x 6 framing, solid wood interior siding and 2 x 6 x10 solid wood plank floors
Wooden Stall Doors, Western look Doors, Dutch Doors, Wood Barn Doors
Western look Pole barn, Western style Loafing Barn, Customized Barns, High End Pole Barns, Row Barn
Tack room, western style, Storage Barn, Antique look, western barns
Alpaca Shed wood and Metal with custom made wood door
Stone shed, stone and wood sheds, storage shed, sheds
Alpaca Shed made out of solid wood and metal roofing with custom made door

Dutch Door Solid Wood Lock Custom Made

​Cobble Wood Floor

Specialty Rustic Old Western Look

Barns & Sheds

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Western Look Barn with vintage style metal and solid wood walls. Hand peeled 10 x 10 wood poles.